General Details

Type YST copper compression tee is designed for connecting a run conductor with a perpendicular tap conductor. YST connectors are commonly used in junction boxes and manholes to make a radial tap off a main run. They are needed in many industrial, utility generation and commercial applications. The most common cable combinations are listed below. BURNDY® Type Y-R reducers
can be used to accommodate most cable combinations.

Features & Benefits

• Manufactured from seamless high conductivity electrolytic copper tubing with heavy duty wall thickness
◊ Provides maximum conductivity, low resistance and ductility for an excellent combination of electrical and crimp forming properties
• Long barrel design on all three (3) legs
◊ Provides for an additional crimp or indent with almost twice the pull out strength properties as a standard length barrel plus a connection that will operate cooler under heavy loading
• Long barrel permits the use of the Y-R reducers
◊ Affords total flexibility and versatility for virtually any conductor combination
• Electro-tin plated
◊ Provides durable long-lasting
corrosion resistance
• Barrel diameter closely matches commercial (code) cable and Navy cable diameters
◊ Provides an excellent relationship of the conductor/connector combination to produce a high quality electrical connection with the recommended tooling

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