IP20 / UL / AL9CU

VERSIPOLE奔迪米色接线盒广泛用于从主线到支线的电路拼接或分接,它由标准模块和叠加模块两大类组成,标准模块可选一极,两极或三极的标准构造,而叠加模块可从一极叠加到所需要的无限极,最大化满足客户的各种现场需要。每个模块均可选择开放式或者防护式结构,防护式结构达到IEC60529 IP20防护等级,也可在开放式模块的基本上选购防护壳达到IP20等级;它们在尺寸上又分为大中小三个标准尺寸,小型最大电流176A,中型380A,大型760A;线路结构有一进四出,一进六出,一进一出,二进二出,二进六出,二进十二出等等。

  • 电压1000V,符合UL-1953
  • AL9CU材料适用于连接各类铜线和铝线
  • 适用于各类面板安装,大型和中型也可用于DIN德标导轨
  • 在正当的熔断下短路电流最大到100KA
  • 绝缘基础材料使用UL94V0玻璃增强尼龙66
  • 半透明PC材料防护外壳便于现场作业,并提供IP20防护等级
  • 防护外壳上盖为进出线路预留螺栓孔,方便固定线缆
  • 主线最多二线,支线最多可到十二线
  • 三种标准尺寸可适合各种空间应用
  • 美国设计美国制造


PowerDistributionBlocks_imageVERSIPOLE 黑色接线盒600V / UL / AL9CU与米色接线盒相比,该款黑色接线盒也符合UL1953,使用AL9CU材料,但电压级别是600V,它也由标准模块和叠加模块两大类组成,标准模块为开放式,可以选购防护上盖起到保护作用,在尺寸上也分为大中小三个标准尺寸,小型最大电流175A,中型380A,大型可到840A;电路结构上,主线最多二线,支线最多十二线。美国制造,符合UL认证。

Features and Benefits• “Add” a pole feature available.Provides capability to create as many poles as required.Up to 30 tap conductors accommodated, Ideal for current distribution to multiple locations.• single or dual run connections.Allows user to minimize the number of connectors needed to do the job.• Suitable for use with aluminum or copper conductors.Provides maximum versatility.• 600 V, AL9CU rated.Meets or exceeds industry standard requirements.• Dead-front covers available.Provides user protection one cover per pole.


Unique, modular, made-to-order, power distribution assemblies accommodate any number of supply and load conductors in any number of poles. Capacity matches the conductors accommodated and SPEC-BLOK™ assures uniform loading. Adjacent poles are separated by easy-tohandle, wrap-around insulating covers which eliminate taping and reduce heat build-up by allowing air to flow freely around connectors. SPEC-BLOK™ is UL Listed for copper or aluminum conductors for 600 volts. (AL9CU) Assemblies are mounted on platforms suitable for easy installation in wireway or junction box.• Accommodate unlimited conductors. Fits wide range of applications.Eliminates need for non-UL-listed improvisation.• Connector elements tin-plated.Provides high reliability, low-resistance connections.• User friendly, space-saving design.Easy to install. Saves labor.• 94-V0 rated insulation folds into place insulating the components.Saves time and material. Allows easy installation.• Connector caps removable for easy cable lay-in.Saves labor. Makes installation easier.Allows installation or straight-through conductors. Eases retrofit.• Belleville washers built-in on pressure screw assemblies, except in assembliesinstalled with a 5/32 Allen wrench. Provides high-integrity connections.• Conductors can be cut or fed straight through.Straight through installation ideal for riser applications.


UBLOKU-BLOK™ system is a modern, state-ofthe- art approach to multi-load power distribution applications. Among typical uses are multi-story or multi-unit buildings, HVAC, refrigeration, control panels, motor control, switch gear, elevator systems and materialshandling equipment. U-BLOK™ is UL Listed for Copper or Aluminum conductors and rated for 600-volt applications. U-BLOK™ can be mounted on bases for use in troughs or bolted directly to junction boxes. AL9CU rated.

Features and Benefits
• Connector top slides OFF/ON for quick cable lay-in.
◊ Labor savings. Easy access for installation, modifications or retrofit.
• Electro-tin plated connectors in each pole.
◊ Durability. High-conductivity and resistance to corrosion.
• Compact size.
◊ Requires less space than traditional connection methods.
• Trough installations can be mounted on raised platforms.
◊ Passage of cables under block means through-cables need not be terminated.
• Insulating covers and mounting blocks rated 94-V0.
◊ Saves costly taping, time and material. Conforms to or exceeds building codes.
• Connectors accommodate a wide range of wire sizes.
◊ Reduces parts inventory requirements.
• Feeder conductors can be cut or fed through on a continuous run.
◊ Ease of installation