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General Details

Type YC-C copper CRIMPIT™ connector is a range-taking C shape compression connector for making tap or parallel copper connections from #12 sol. to 4/0 strand conductor.

Copperweld-Copper Conductors
8A – Use CRIMPITS™ accommodating 6 str. Copper
6A – Use CRIMPITS™ accommodating 4 Str. Copper
4A – Use CRIMPITS™ accommodating 2 Str. Copper
2A – Use CRIMPITS™ accommodating 1/0 and 2/0 Copper

The copper CRIMPIT™ is a range-taking, reversible, C-shaped compression tap conector for combinations of copper conductors. Twelve connectors take tap combinations from #10 AWG through 4/0, and all sizes are installed with dies that also install aluminum connectors. Sizes accommodating conductors up to #2 may be installed with the MD6 and OUR840 family of tools.
All sizes may be installed with the Y35 or Y750 family of tools. They make “hot” installation easy by permitting the lineman to grip the CRIMPIT™ in the compression tool and then place it on the line. The tap is then inserted and the CRIMPIT™ is compressed. Massive C-shape forces tap and line conductors together to form dependable, low-cost, low-resistance connections.

Features & Benefits

• Range-taking conductor
◊ Lowers inventory requirements
• Compact size
◊ Easy to tape and insulate connection
• Manufactured from high conductivity wrought copper
◊ Provides low resistance and excellent electrical conductivity
• Economical
◊ Provides low installed cost