12-Ton Hydraulic tool, for Cu/Al #8-750 kcmil

General Details

The BURNDY@ LPHY750XT KOMPRESSORM is a lightweight, compact, low pressure, hydraulic 12 ton crimping tool. The LPHY750XT is double acting for hydraulic ram advance and retract. The KOMPRESSORM also has an industry exclusive spring back-up for ram retraction in case of loss of hydraulic pressure. The LPHY750XT comes equipped with an ergonomic handle designed for better balance, which helps lessen fatigue to the

The LPHY750XT KOMPRESSORM features the BURNDY@ 750XT tool head with a 1.65″ jaw opening capable of using all industry standard BURNDY@ “U” dies. The LPHY750XT has an industry exclusive visual crimp indicator to assure the operator of a properly completed crimp. The LPHY750XT also has an audible crimp indicator.

The LPHY750XT is powered directly from open center or closed center hydraulic tool circuits present on most utility line trucks or can be operated from individual low-pressure hydraulic power units. The LPHY750XT can be switched from open center to closed center operation with a simple external adjustment. The LPHY750XT does not require any additional tooling such as boosters, intensifers, or hand controls in the bucket. The tool has a 5-year limited warranty.


• LPHY750CXT covered version available.
• Visual and audible crimp indicator assures properly completed crimps with 12 tons of force
• Covers a wide range of applications with its 1.65″ jaw opening
• 3500 head rotation for versatile tool head positioning allowing the user to get into tight
areas easier
• Uses all standard BURNDY@ “U” dies
• Operates on open center or closed center hydraulic systems
• Ergonomic handle design for better balance and helps lessen fatigue
• Double acting tool for hydraulic ram advance and retraction
• Spring back up for ram retraction if hydraulic system shuts down
• 5-year limited warranty