11-Ton dieless HYPRESS,6AWG-1000kcmil Copper or Aluminium

General Details

The “1” Crimp-Range Taking 11-Ton ForceHydraulic Remote Tool for #6 – 1000 kcmil Copper& Aluminum HYLUGM Terminals and HYLINKM Splices.

The “1” Crimp Type Y644MBH Dieless HYPRESSM Remote Tool, crimps 195 different copper and aluminum HYLUGM terminals and HYLINKM splices, which cover the breadth of 38 code conductor sizes and 15 Navy cable sizes.

Only one (1) crimp is required for each wire termination for both long and standard length barrels on BURNDY HYLUGM and HYLINKM connectors throughout the entire conductor range.The Y644MBH dieless remote head tool operates on 10,000 psi hydraulic pressure and develops an output force of 11 tons, the same as the self-contained Y644HSXT Dieless HYPRESSM.5-year limited warranty.


• Dieless system, eliminates the need to purchase and maintain dies
• Latch head design
• Range taking Dieless design
• Easy tool positioning with its infnitely rotatable head
• Easy inspection and positive identifcation is provided with the BURNDY@ logo
• Heavy duty head
• 5-year limited warranty