Nylon Ring Tongue 600 Volts Max.

General Details

UL/CSA尼龙绝缘圆形端子 符合SAE-AS7928和SAE-AS25036
INSULUG™ type TN Nylon-insulated terminals are designed for heavy duty industrial, utility and military power and control-circuit applications for wire sizes 26 AWG through 10 AWG. They offer high dielectric strength and stability in oily conditions and meet military CLASS 1 and CLASS 2 requirements per SAE-AS25036 and the requirements of military specifi cations SAE-AS7928.

TN184 YAES18N48
TN186 YAES18N1
TN186G1 YAES18N2
TN188 YAES18N49
TN1810 YAES18N3
TN1814 YAES18N50
TN18516 YAES18N4
TN1838 YAES18N5
TN144, MR8-83,MRE1022NV, Y10D,Y1022
TN146 YAES14N6
TN146G1 YAES14N7
TN148 YAES14N53
TN1410 YAES14N8
TN1414 YAES14N54
TN14516 YAES14N9
TN1438 YAES14N10
TN106, MR8-83, MRE1022NV,Y10D,Y1022
TN108 YAES10N56
TN1010 YAES10N12
TN1014 YAES10N57
TN10516 YAES10N13
TN1038 YAES10N14
TN1012 YAES10N58

UL Listed and CSA Certified

Features & Benefi ts

• An integral one-piece copper barrel /insulation grip and wire strain relief design
◊ Provides improved physical strength characteristics over a multipiece design
• Manufactured of pure electrolytic copper
◊ Provides maximum conductivity, low resistance and ductility for excellent crimp forming properties
• Brazed seam
◊ Provides a stronger barrel design to minimize any possible splitting and eliminates folding
• Deep inner barrel serrations
◊ Provides excellent electrical
conductivity and pullout strength values
• Smooth funnel entry
◊ Easy wire insertion
• The insulation is locked in place
◊ Will not twist off, thereby maintains proper dielectric values
• Electro-tin plated
◊ Provides durable long-lasting resistance to corrosion
• Two or more terminals may bestacked on a common stud easily
◊ Provides fl exibility and versatility