Multi-function, stripping&crimping&cutting in one tool, #22-10 AWG Insulated & Uninsulated terminals

General Details

Hand-held plier type tool to install #10-22 AWG insulated and uninsulated terminals and splices with a wire cutter in the nose of the tool. Will strip #10-22 AWG wire and cut common size mild steel and non-ferrous screws. 5-year limited warranty.


• Easy wire cutting with anvil type wire cutter design
• Crimps full range of insulated terminals and splices #22-10 AWG
• Cut off dies for common size mild steel and non-ferrous screws
• Crimps full range of uninsulated terminals and splices #22-10 AWG
• Full range insulation strippers for wire sizes #22-10. One step stripping
• Comfort grip handles ft hands comfortably helping make the tool easy to use
• 5-year limited warranty