C-head remote cutter, interchangeable cutting blades, cut copper, aluminum, ACSR, guy wire, rebar, ground rod and soft steel bolt

General Details

The BURNDY@ RHCC10 series C-head cutter is an innovative compact cutting tool that allows users to interchange different cutting blades customized for their application.

With a “C”-shaped style head and large opening, it’s easy to scoop and cut without the need to open or close a latch. The RHCC10 blade alignment technology ensures a clean cut and maximum blade life. The RHCC10 series tool accommodates four (4) different interchangeable blade types to cut Copper/Aluminum, ACSR/ACSS, EHS Guy and Rebar. The RHCC10 series tool comes in a variety of options including the ability to order the tool with specifc blades only as well as a covered head version (RHCC10C). The RHCC10 and RHCC10C are provided wth a 5-year limited warranty (excluding blades).

11 Ton, 10000 PSI


• Specialized reinforced C-Head designed for easy and effcient cable cutting for both feld and OEM applications
• Interchangeable precision cutting blades optimized for cutting Copper/Aluminum,ACSR/ACSS, EHS Guy Strand and Ground
• Durable canvas carrying bag provides tool protection and stores all accessories
• High strength steel cylinder for durability and long life
• 5-year limited warranty on tool (excluding blades)