5/8HP, Hydraulic Output Pressure of 10000 PSI

General Details

电力驱动液压泵 10,000 PSI
• 机体带有提手,易于移动和搬运
• 内置自动泄压阀,压接完成后发出提示声
• 100,000+ 压接次数,坚固耐用铸铝机身
• 密封手动控制器或脚踏控制器,便于批量生产
• 出厂预装满格液压油

The Y10AC9 electric hydraulic pump is for use with all HYPRESS heads and cutters requiring 10000 PSI operating pressure.The Y10AC9 is equipped with a built-in, factory set pressure relief valve. An audible “pop” and recycling of the pump as well as relaxing of the hose signal completion of the crimping/cutting cycle. Pump is supplied with a durable hand-held electric pendant switch.

Y10AC9: with pendant switch

Y10AC9OEM: with foot swtich, features “jog and hold”



•Lightweight, small size; easy to lift, carry and transport tool around job site with
lightweight body and handle
•Factory set relief valve; high quality crimps are achieved with built-in, factory set
pressure relief valve and audible recycling of pump to signal completion of crimp cycle
• 00,000 (+) life cycles; long durable life expectancy with light weight cast aluminum
reservoir body
• Convenient 115V AC electric powered motor
• Saves time with quick disconnect hydraulic ftting
•Sealed electric pendant switch; easy operation with durable remote pendant switch with 10-foot cord 5-year limited warranty

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