1/2HP, Hydraulic Pump 10000 PSI / 6000PSI

General Details

The lightweight and durable EPP10 electric/ hydraulic pump is for use with all BURNDY@ HYPRESS remote heads and cutters requiring 10,000 PSI operating pressure. Both the EPP10 and the EPP6 are equipped with a built-in, factory set pressure relief valve. An audible “pop” and recycling of the pump and relaxing of the hose, signals completion of the crimping/cutting cycle. Both pumps are supplied with a durable hand-held electric pendant switch, for remote operation of the unit,and have a manual selection switch mounted for operation of the unit at the pump. The operator can select which method is best suited for the application.

All EPP pumps have been life cycle tested to over 100000 cycles without failure, and are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for 5-years when properly maintained and operated. an optional carry/shipping case can be ordered.

EPP10: 10000PSI

EPP6: 6000PSI



• Lightweight
• Small size
• Factory set relief valve
• 100,000 (+) life cycles
• Sealed electric pendant switch
• High quality crimps are achieved with built in, factory set pressure release valve and audible recycling of pump to signal completion of crimp cycle
• Easy to lift, carry and transport tool around job site with lightweight body and handle
• Convenient 115 V-AC electric powered motor
• Durable remote pendent switch
• Easy operation controlled with pendent switch,
or manual switch
• Saves time with quick disconnect hydraulic ftting
• Long durable life expectancy with lightweight cast aluminum reservoir body
• 5-year limited warranty.