11-Ton Cutting Tool, C-head, cut cable of copper, aluminum, ACSR, guy wire, rebar, ground rod and soft steel

General Details

独立液压系统, 2.6AH镍氢电池

• C型敞口设计,便于批量剪切作业
• 可拆卸刀片由经过硬化处理的高强度工具钢制成
• 行星齿轮无级变速器平稳高速运转,无穷动力来源
• 355度旋转刀头,辅助对准技术确保精准剪切

钢芯铝线1590 kcmil

The BURNDY@ PATHCC10-18V series C-head cutter is an innovative compact and mobile cutting tool that allows users to interchange different cutting blades customized for their application.

With a “C”-shaped style head and large opening, it’s easy to scoop and cut without the need to open or close a latch. The tool head swivels 3550 and comes with a retractable assist handle to help maneuver the cutting head into position. The PATHCC10-18V blade alignment technology ensures a clean cut and maximum blade life.

The PATHCC10-18V series tool accommodates four different interchangea-ble blade types:HCCACSR,HCCSOL,HCCCUAL,and HCCGUY. The PATHCC10-18V series tool comes in a variety of options to include a covered head version (PATHCC10C-18V), and the ability to order the tool with specifc blades only. See the table for individual catalog numbers.
The PATHCC10-18V series cutters operate on 18- volt Ni-MH batteries. Each tool comes equipped with an impact resistant formed carrying case along with a tool retention lanyard, battery charger and two batteries. The carrying case also has pre- formed pockets to house all four blade types. The PATHCC10-18V series tools are provided with a 5-year limited warranty (excluding blades) and a lifetime power-train warranty on the INFINITY DRIVE@ transmission. The batteries and charger are provided with a 1-year limited warranty.

Each BURNDY HCC blade kit is designed specifcally for the material it is intended to cut. Each blade is made from high strength tool steel and then hardened to ensure a long life. Each blade kit comes complete with screws and wrench for installation.


• Specialized reinforced C-Head designed for easy and effcient cable cutting for both feld and OEM applications
• Interchageable precision cutting blades optimized for cutting Copper/Aluminum, ACSR, EHS Guy Strand and Ground Rod/ Rebar
• Battery and remote head platforms
• Available in covered head versions
• High strength steel cylinder for durability and long life
• Many part number options offered including the ability to order the tool with all blades or specifc blades only
• 5-years limited warranty on tool (excluding blades)