Multiple Tap Connectors



Insulated Multi-Tap Connectors for Code Conductor
Tap connections and in-line splice/reductions are made quickly and easily with the UNITap™ line of connectors. UL486B Listed. Dual-rated AL9CU for any stranded copper or stranded aluminum applications. 600 Volt, 90° C.

Time-saving advantages:

  • Pre-filled with oxide inhibitor
  • Pre-insulated for faster installation
  • Contaminant-free due to solid end caps
  • Range-taking (reduced need for connector inventory)
  • Dual Rated (AL9CU) for copper and aluminum applications
  • Multiple configurations accommodate a variety of applications

Insulated Multi-Tap Connectors for Code and Flex Conductors
UNITAP™ Clear Insulated Multi-Tap is UL Listed to the UL Wire Connector Standard UL486A-486B and CSA Certified for use with flexible (fine stranded) conductor – with no ferrules required! Featuring color coordinated conductor port and screw port caps making it easy to identify the maximum conductor size accommodated by the connector. The color coordinated conductor port caps display the wire range and classes of conductor accepted by the specific connector. The screw port caps show the installation torque information for quick and easy reference during installation. 600 Volt Rated, operating temperature from -40°C to 135°C.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fully Insulated Aluminum 6061-T6 connector body saves time and lowers installation costs by eliminating the need for taping
  • AL9CU dual rated for use with copper and aluminum conductors
  • Range taking designs will accommodate wire sizes from #14-750 kcmil Class B & C, and #14-777 DLO Flex
  • Configurations include Taps, In-Line Splice Reducers, Single-Sided Entry, and Double-Sided Entry with the number of ports from 2 to 14
  • Clear Plastisol Insulation allows visual confirmation that conductor is properly inserted into port
  • Conductor ports are pre-filled with oxide inhibitor
  • Screw Port and Conductor Port caps provided to protect against contamination and accidental contact of energized parts
  • Caps are color coordinated to quickly identify maximum conductor size accommodated
  • Screw Port caps contain recommended installation torque values for quick and easy reference
  • Conductor Port caps contain the accommodated wire range and allowable conductor classes


Insulated Multiple Taps



UV Rated


Submersible rated