Black Insulated Multiple Taps

UV Rated for Class B & C Conductors Only

General Details

UV Rated Black Insulated Multiple Tap Connectors and Splice Reducers
Tap connections are made quickly and easily with the UNITAP™ line of connectors. UL486A-B Listed. Dual-rated for any stranded copper or stranded aluminum applications.
600 Volts, -40° C to 135° C Operating Temperature.

1PBS2 1PBS1/0 1PBS250 275
1PBS350 1PBS500 1PBS750HD
1PLO42 1PLO2/02 1PLO2502
1PLO3502 1PLO6002 1PL42
1PL2/02 1PL2502 1PL3502
1PL6002 1PL43 1PL44
1PL2/03 1PL2503
1PLD43 1PLD44 1PLD2/02
1PLD2/03 1PLD2/04 1PLD2/06
1PLD2502 1PLD2503 1PLD2504
1PLD2506 1PLD3502 1PLD3503
1PLD3504 1PLD3506 1PLD3508
1PLD6002 1PLD6003 1PLD6005
1PLD6006 1PLD60081PLD7502HD
1PLD7503HD 1PLD7504HD 1PLD7505HD
1PLD7506HD 1PLD7508HD 1PLD75010HD

UL Listed and CSA certified.

Features & Benefits

• UV Rated covering over AL6061-T6 aluminum body saves time, lowering installation costs and elimates taping
• Oxide inhibitor pre-installed inhibits moisture and contaminants from entering the contact area
• Range-taking capability reduces the number of connectors necessary to carry in inventory
• UL486B Listed, AL9CU, 600 Volts, 90°C
• Operating temperature -40°C to 135°C