HYREDUCER In-line Reducer Splice Kits for Telecommunications Applications

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General Details

YSR-TC reducing splice kits provide for splicing two different cable sizes with inspection holes. The larger conductor is inserted first and butts against the center of the connector where the smaller barrel begins. Constructed from seamless, high conductivity electrolytic copper tubing for maximum conductivity and tin plated to resist corrosion. The YSR-TC family also features the BURNDY® color code system.

Features & Benefits
• Each splice kit includes one YSR-TC compression in-line splice reducer connector and heat shrink
• The YSR-TC type reducing compression splice connector provided in the kit is UL Listed in accordance with UL 486A-486B – Wire Connectors; UL Listed 90°C up to 35kV
• Barrels have 2 inspection windows on each side to allow for visual verification that the wire has been fully inserted prior to crimping the splice
• Designed confirgurations allow for copper code-to-code wire connections, copper code-to-flex wire connections, and copper flex-to-flex wire connections; see table for more complete details
• Barrel is designed with a taper to accommodate a main run wire that is reduced to a smaller tap wire
• Barrel also provided with an internal chamfer at the wire entry to ensure smooth insertion of the wire, preventing possible damaging of the wire strands during insertion
• Electro-tin plated unless otherwise specified to reduce galvanic corrosion (bimetallic) and resist corrosive elements • Short/standard length barrel is recommended for installations with limited space requirements and meet the exact UL testing requirements as long barrel connectors so performance of the connection is not compromised • Connectors clearly marked with color coding
• Can be used in place of H-taps; the in-line design saves space in cable trays and other similar applications

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