6-Ton HYPRESS/ 8 AWG-600 kcmil Copper, 8 AWG-350 kcmil Aluminium

General Details

The BURNDY@ Y500CT-HS HYPRESSM connector installation tool provides 6 U.S. Short tons of force in a compact and easy to use, hand-held hydraulic tool. The Y500CT-HS incorporates a specialized latch style head with a generous working stroke for a wide variety of crimping applications. The specialized head allows interference-free closures on tap connectors up to the BURNDY@ YHD-400 size. The head is ftted onto a lightweight tool body with handles that are ergonomically designed to provide slip-free grip and easier crimping. The tool features a patented high speed ram advance mechanism that minimizes crimp cycle time along with an ergonomic trigger drain mechanism that allows the ram to return to the preset position. The tool accommodates all BURNDY@ “X”, “W”, and “W-VT” style dies that seat in the permanent “D3″crimping groove. Installation applications include #8 AWG to 600 kcmil copper lugs and splices, #8 AWG to 350 AWG aluminum lugs and splices, and up to 4/0 aluminum tap connections. The permanent “D3” groove and 180 degree rotatable head are standard on the Y500CT-HS.

Each Y500CT-HS HYPRESS tool uses BURNDY@ dies and off-the-shelf connectors that are available worldwide. The Y500CTHS HYPRESSM comes equipped with a durable metal carry case to hold the tool and a multitude of die sets.


• Lightweight latch head design
。 Provides enhanced clearance for tap connectors
• 180° head rotation
。 Versatile tool head allowing user crimp access into tight spaces
• Ergonomic handle design
。 Easier operation, helping reduce fatigue
• Audible pressure “pop-off” valve
。 Indicates properly completed crimp
• Permanent “D3” crimp groove accepts all BURNDY@ “W” and “X” dies
。 Standard die design with proven performance
• Durable metal carrying case
。 Provides superior protection and stores all accessories
• High speed ram advance
。 Provides faster crimps
• Handle trigger drain
。 Convenient ram retraction
• 5-year limited warranty
。 Customer satisfaction and technical support