6-Ton Crimping Tool/ 8 AWG-600 kcmil Copper, 8 AWG-350 kcmil Aluminium

  1. General Details


    • 内置快速液压推进系统,单次压接只需3秒钟
    • 3AH/5AH大容量锂电池超快速充电,两电一充
    • 180°自由旋转钳头,永久的D3压接槽
    • 行星齿轮无级变速器平稳高速运转,无穷动力来源
    • 带有压接完成的声响提示功能

    The BURNDY@ PAT600LI Lithium-Ion tool incorporates the latest engineering technology with a refned hydraulic system for ultra performance, speed and reliability. The redesigned feld proven electronics provide the ultimate reliability in the harshest work environments. All BURNDY@ battery actuated hydraulic tools provide a consistent, reliable connection every time.

    The PAT600-LI battery actuated tool provides 6 tons of crimping force and completes a crimp in approximately 3 seconds. The PAT600-LI incorporates a specialized latch style head with enhanced working stroke and clearance capabilities. The latch-style head allows interference-free closure on tap connections up to the BURNDY@ YHD-400 size.

    Die selection with the PAT600-LI includes “W”, “X” and “W-VT” style dies which seat in the permanent “D3” crimp groove. Installation applications include #8 AWG to 600 kcmil copper lugs and splices (YA and YS), #8AWG, to 350 kcmil aluminum lugs and splices (YA-A and YS-A) and up to 4/0 aluminum tap connections.

    The PAT600-LI is supplied with a durable high impact formed carrying case to hold the tool, battery charger, two 18 volt Lithium-Ion batteries and tool retention lanyard. All BURNDY@ PATRIOT@ 18V series tools are provided with a 5-year limited warranty on the tool and a 1-year warranty on batteries and chargers. All PATRIOT@ tools features the BURNDY@ INFINITY DRIVE@
    transmission which has a lifetime warranty.

  2. Features
    • Refined hydraulic system for ultra performance, speed and reliability
    • Field proven electronics for ultimate reliability in the harshest environments
    • Overmolded handle for comfort and improved grip; allows for one-handed operation for advance, retract and hold
    • 18-volt Lithium-Ion batteries provide 2.5 times more charge/discharge cycles than traditional Ni-Cd batteries and provide 430% more lifetime work
    • 30-minute charger controls current, voltage and temperature to maximize battery life
    • Forced air cooling fan cools the battery by forcing cool air through the battery’s built in air vents
    • Specialized latch design allows interference free closure on tap connections
    • Permanent “D3” crimp grooves accepts “W”, “X” and “W-VT” dies
    • PAT600C.LI with covered head is available
    • State of the art crimping head design, 1800 head rotation lets user get into tight areas easier
    • Ergonomically balanced tool design eases operation and helps lessen fatigue
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