12-Ton HYPRESS,8 AWG-500 kcmil Copper, 8 AWG-750 kcmil Aluminium

General Details

The Y35BH series remote head is designed for remote power operation and incorporates the same C-shaped head as the Y35. The hook style head with extensive ram travel provides for easy tapping and splicing of overhead lines as well as HYGROUND@ compression grounding systems. Uses all standard BURNDY@ “U” dies.

The remote power operated Y35 heads are available covered with 3/16″ molded rubber for tool impact protection.

Y35BH Standard Remote C-Head tool
Y35H Y35BH head, PT294021 universal hot stick adapter, and steel carrying case
Y35BH4 Permanent molded rubber head, 3/16” rubber for tool impact protection
PT29413: Carry Case (included with tool)


• Easy tool removal from line conductor after compression taps are installed with the open “C” shaped head
• Easily lifted into working position using the lifting eye
• Easy die changing plus secure die alignments provided with the positive die lock buttons
• Uses all standard BURNDY@ “U” dies
• Long life expectancy is provided with heavy duty reinforced back
• Mates with all universal type Hot-stick tooling- 400 kcmil splices
• Rapid assembly and disassembly is provided with the quick disconnect hydraulic ftting
• Type Y35BH.4 head is covered with 3/16″
molded rubber
• 5-years limited warranty