12-Ton HYPRESS,8 AWG-750 kcmil Copper, 8 AWG-750 kcmil Aluminium

General Details

• 180°自由旋转钳头 内置增压助力装置
• 使用U型压接模具 (单独购买)
• 舒适的模压橡胶包裹机身 握把有多种长度可选
• 带有泄压扳击

• 180°自由旋转钳头 内置增压助力装置
• 使用U型压接模具 (单独购买)
• 舒适的模压橡胶包裹机身 1.2米玻璃纤维握把
• 绝缘等级 5分钟100KV/30CM

压接能力 AWG # 10~400mm2

The Y35 HYPRESS Tool incorporates a C-shaped, rotatable head for overhead line work and compression grounding applications. The hook style head with extensive ram travel provides for easy tapping and splicing of overhead lines as well as HYGROUND@ compression grounding systems. The Y35-2 HYPRESSM head, body and handles are covered with 3/16″ rubber for tool impact protection.
Order the hot-line handle assembly, “U” dies and accessories separately. 5-year limited warranty.

Y35 – Standard C-Head tool (rubber covered body and handles only)
Y352 – Y35 with rubber covered head, body, and handles
PT2972: Steel Carry Case (included with tool)
Y35/Y39REPKITA: Seal Repair Kit
PT292792 12 ton Force Gauge


• Compact “C” shaped head allows easy placement and removal from continuous conductor lengths
• Easy to position tool for work with 1800 head rotation
• Versatile and economical-tool works with all commonly used copper, aluminum and
ACSR conductors from #6 str. to #556.5 26/7 stranding
• Body and handles covered with 3/16″ molded rubber for tool impact protection
• Easy die change accomplished with push button die locks
• Quality assurance is provided with automatic 10,000 PSI blow-off pressure release valve for positive crimping
• Rapid ram advance reduces installation time by eliminating need to pump handles to
advance ram to connector
• Saves installation time with trigger controlled return release which returns ram to its preset starting point
• Long continuous usage is aided with comfort grip handles
• Compression terminal and splice connectors are UL Listed and CSA Certifed when installed
• 5-year limited warranty