WP91412 Connectors

The reliable, high-strength WP91412 Connectors

General Details

The WP91412 Connectors are one-hole or two-hole, tubular compression-type terminators. They are available in straight, 45° bend, or 90° bend configurations and are intended for use with copper power wire sizes ranging from 14 AWG to 750 kCMil. They can be used with flexible power wires classified as Class I stranding and standard Class B stranding.

High Conductivity
The connectors are fabricated using seamless, electrolytic wrought copper for excellent conductivity and reliability; electro-tin plating helps preserve connector integrity and also prevents corrosion. In addition, the connectors are specified for extra margins of safety to minimize the risk of overheating.
Easy, Accurate Installation Intended for use in power equipment and central office power system installations, WP91412 Connectors are designed to be installed using UL- or CSA -approved compression tools and dies (as necessary). The economical, standard length barrel is ideal for space-restrictive applications.

WP91412L-93 WP91412L-73 WP91412L-96
WP91412L-94 WP91412L-199 WP91412L-97
WP91412L-187 WP91412L-98 WP91412L-100
WP91412L-1 WP91412L-52 WP91412L-14
WP91412L-105 WP91412L-102 WP91412L-74
WP91412L-75 WP91412L-103 WP91412L-101
WP91412L-76 WP91412L-195 WP91412L-104
WP91412L-99 WP91412L-171 WP91412L-108
WP91412L-2 WP91412L-3 WP91412L-110
WP91412L-109 WP91412L-15 WP91412L-113
WP91412L-196 WP91412L-112 WP91412L-137
WP91412L-106 WP91412L-136 WP91412L-107
WP91412L-111 WP91412L-178 WP91412L-4
WP91412L-5 WP91412L-117 WP91412L-6
WP91412L-197 WP91412L-115 WP91412L-118
WP91412L-114 WP91412L-116 WP91412L-53
WP91412L-54 WP91412L-122 WP91412L-16
WP91412L-198 WP91412L-119 WP91412L-123
WP91412L-120 WP91412L-121 WP91412L-124
WP91412L-7 WP91412L-8 WP91412L-9
WP91412L-172 WP91412L-176 WP91412L-193
WP91412L-194 WP91412L-125 WP91412L-179
WP91412L-126 WP91412L-127 WP91412L-139
WP91412L-140 WP91412L-128 WP91412L-55
WP91412L-56 WP91412L-21 WP91412L-22
WP91412L-138 WP91412L-188 WP91412L-180
WP91412L-130 WP91412L-129 WP91412L-173
WP91412L-13 WP91412L-10 WP91412L-57
WP91412L-11 WP91412L-12 WP91412L-144
WP91412L-146 WP91412L-142 WP91412L-143
WP91412L-145 WP91412L-181 WP91412L-148
WP91412L-20 WP91412L-17 WP91412L-77
WP91412L-18 WP91412L-19 WP91412L-147
WP91412L-150 WP91412L-149 WP91412L-155
WP91412L-153 WP91412L-156 WP91412L-131
WP91412L-59 WP91412L-58 WP91412L-132
WP91412L-29 WP91412L-30 WP91412L-151
WP91412L-152 WP91412L-154 WP91412L-157
WP91412L-158 WP91412L-78 WP91412L-27
WP91412L-79 WP91412L-174 WP91412L-80
WP91412L-177 WP91412L-24 WP91412L-160
WP91412L-25 WP91412L-26 WP91412L-133
WP91412L-84 WP91412L-186 WP91412L-61
WP91412L-44 WP91412L-66 WP91412L-60
WP91412L-82 WP91412L-37 WP91412L-81
WP91412L-51 WP91412L-83 WP91412L-161
WP91412L-85 WP91412L-183 WP91412L-86
WP91412L-31 WP91412L-163 WP91412L-34
WP91412L-32 WP91412L-33 WP91412L-35
WP91412L-36 WP91412L-162 WP91412L-182
WP91412L-63 WP91412L-68 WP91412L-70
WP91412L-62 WP91412L-189 WP91412L-88
WP91412L-134 WP91412L-67 WP91412L-90
WP91412L-69 WP91412L-92 WP91412L-185
WP91412L-165 WP91412L-87 WP91412L-164
WP91412L-190 WP91412L-41 WP91412L-89
WP91412L-42 WP91412L-91 WP91412L-43
WP91412L-38 WP91412L-39 WP91412L-40
WP91412L-135 WP91412L-175 WP91412L-191
WP91412L-65 WP91412L-72 WP91412L-28
WP91412L-64 WP91412L-71 WP91412L-23
WP91412L-166 WP91412L-184 WP91412L-170
WP91412L-167 WP91412L-169 WP91412L-192
WP91412L-48 WP91412L-49 WP91412L-50
WP91412L-168 WP91412L-46 WP91412L-47

Features & Benefits

■ Provides highly reliable electromechanical connections for high-energy applications
■ Minimizes the risk of overheating
■ Designed for fast, simplified, error-free installation
■ Ensures high quality through strict testing and qualification procedures
■ Meets applicable Telcordia requirements
■ Suited for limited-space applications
■ Compatible with UL- or CSA-approved crimp compression tools