V.35 plugs with Burndy-J

Plugs with jackscrew and hood

General Details


The Telecommunications Standardization Sector TSS V.35, formerly CCITT V.35 is the international standard termed “Data Transmission at 48 Kbps using 60-108 Khz Group-Band Circuits. It makes use of a 34 contact connection system specially designed to be used for DTE/DCE that interface to high speed digital carriers found in computer, modem and telecommunication industries.
Being part of the TRIM TRIO wide range of high reliable rectangular connectors, MSO34 (boardmount connectors) and MS34 (cable connectors) are in complete compliance to this specification. To meet this specification, insulators have been manufactured with 34 contact positions which can be loaded with the international accepted 1.6mm diameter contacts.
The boardmount connectors are available in straight and right angle versions equipped with either solid machined or stamped and formed male / female contacts.
The cable connectors can be offered with a full range of hardware and accessories. Guiding pins and sockets, turnable jackscrew system, different cable hoods with strain relief, pin protection shrouds and discrimination pins make this connector range as complete as possible. complies with NFC93426, HE621-622 and MIL-C-28748.

20 MS20PMJD10J
26 MS26PMJD10J
34 MS34PMJD10J
42 MS42PMJD10J
50 MS50PMJD10J
75 MS75PMJD10J

Features and benefits

• Complete compliance with International Standards of ISO 2593 for TTS V.35 (formerly CCITT V.35) interfacing.
• In compliance with NFC 93426 – HE621-622 and MIL-C-28748 specifications.
• UL recognised.
• UL94-V0 rated thermoplastic
• Boardmount connectors supplied preassembled with dipsolder contacts in either: – Male or female contacts.
– Machined or stamped and formed contacts
– Straight or right angle
• Stamped and formed contacts have selective tin plating on solder tails, thus eliminating extra flux operations.
• Selective loading possible on request.
• Right angle version equipped with true position location wafer.
• Hold-down feature available

Performance characteristics
Operating temperature: -55°C to +125°C
Current rating: 7.5 Amp
Contact resistance: ≤ 3mΩ
Insulation resistance: 5000 MΩ min.
Test potential: 2000 VAC
Durability: 500 matings and unmatings.