Machined Socket contacts #16

Heavy duty, used on all of circular and Rectangular connectors, Dia=1.6mm

General Details



• 本体有高导电铜合金制成,表面电镀金。
• 热处理青铜卡夹保证正确夹紧力,确保在壳体中的正确对位。
• 插针进口处有缩孔,以防止插针插入损伤。
• 本体机加工一体式,经久耐用

#16 (1.6mm) diameter machined contacts are precision solid machined crimp snap-in pin and sockets for heavy duty top performance requirements. Springs on both contacts are made of spring-tempered, heat-treated, berylium copper.
The socket inner spring supplies high contact pressure to ensure low-resistance contact between pin and socket. The socket contact features closed entry to prevent probe damage. Crimp barrels have insulation grips for vibration support and are provided with a cable stop and inspection hole.

Cable range from #26 to #14 AWG, max up to 2.5mm2

Features and benefits

• 额定电流13 Amp
• 接触电阻 6 m½
• 操作电压: 750 V RMS
• 插针保持力: 65 N min.
• 单针插入力: N ma x. 3.5
• 单针拔出力: 0.55 N min

• Made from high conductive copper alloy with gold or tin over nickel plate finish.
• Heat-treated beryllium copper locking springs assure proper locking and alignment of contacts in the housing.
• Closed entry design on RC socket contact to prevent probe damage.
• Special “RCS” contacts with large lead-in design
• Contacts available in bulk packing

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