Uninsulated Ring Tongue

General Details

The Type T uninsulated terminals are constructed of pure electrolytic copper. designed with a long brazed seam barrel, standard neck, deep V groove inner serrations and electro-tin plated. The terminals are ideal for control wiring and other standard duty applications.the ring tongue provides a secure termination under the screw head that cannot be removed without the complete removal of the screw. Two or more terminals can easily be stacked on a common stud.

T184 YAD184
T186 YAD186 YAD186M
T188 YAD188 YAD188M
T1810 YAD1810 YAD1810M
T1814 YAD1814 YAD1814M
T18516 YAD18516 T1838
YAD1838 T144 YAD144 OEM175TFM
TFM2214B T146 YAD146 YAD146M
T148 YAD148 YAD148M
T1410 YAD1410 YAD1410M
T1414 YAD1414 YAD1414M
T14516 YAD14516
T1438 YAD1438 YAD1438M
T106 YAD106 OEM175TFM
TFM1210B T108 YAD108 YAD108M
T1010 YAD1010 T1014 YAD1014 YAD1014M
T1016 YAD10516 YAD10516M
T1038 YAD1038 YAD1038M

UL Listed and CSA Certified

Features & Benefi ts

• Constructed of pure electrolytic
◊ Provides maximum conductivity,
low resistance and ductility for
excellent crimp forming properties
• Long brazed seam barrel and deep
V groove inner serrations
◊ Provides optimum conductivity
reliability and holding power after
• Electro-tin plated
◊ Provides durable long-lasting
corrosion resistance
• Wire range is clearly marked on
◊ Provides easy identifi cation
• Inspection hole
◊ Provides an easy visual check of
wire insertion
• Long neck terminal
◊ Permits easy bending and
stacking of several terminals on a
common stud