Stamped pin contacts #16

Low cost, used on all of circular and Rectangular connectors, Dia=1.6mm

General Details


• 由高导电铜合金制成,标准电镀金。
• 采用两件式结构,带有双簧片,用以保证插针的保持力和防止插针损伤。
• 可选散装100只/袋或者盘装3000只
• 适用于一般工业应用。

#16 (1.6mm) diameter stamped contacts are two piece strip formed crimp snap-in pin and sockets.
These contacts consist of a crimp body made of high conductive copper alloy, and a stainless steel retaining spring featuring retention in the housing cavity and a closed entry socket to prevent probe damage.
The contact with its open barrel is standard available on srtip and packaged with 3000 pcs on reel. This reel packaging combined with semi or even full automatic crimp tooling provides the added advantage of a lower installed cost.

cable range from #26 to #14AWG, max up to 2.5mm2

Features and benefits

• 额定电流13 Amp
• 接触电阻m 6 m½
• 操作电压: 750 V RMS
• 插针保持力: 65 N min.
• 单针插入力: 3.5 N max.
• 单针拔出力: 0.55 N min.

• Made from high conductive copper alloy with gold or tin over nickel plate finish.
• Two piece construcion with dual purpose spring which serves for contact retention and protects the body against damage.
• Contacts available on reel and in bulk packing (100 pcs).
• Suitable for high volumes and lower installation cost