Male Wall mounting receptacle – Full metal

Wall mounting receptacle for pin contacts


EMI/RMI # IP67&动态IP68

16号标准型:4、8、12、19、23、28、35、48 最大电流16A
20号高密度:6、10、19、26、32、41、55、61 最大电流7.5A

• EMI/RMI屏蔽功能外壳
• 卡口式连接设计,确保孔组正确对齐以及插头插座的可靠对插锁死。
• 共8种壳体号,标准型8种孔组数高密度8种孔组数
• 插头和插座都有公针和母针可选有效防止使用中相同针数的错插
• 锌合金压铸外壳,铝合金内壳以及不锈钢卡扣
• 塑料胶芯热塑性材质料阻燃等级UL94V0
• 确保500次插拔次数
• 适用于室内室外


A range of multiway connectors available in 8 shell sizes and 8 insert arrangements all intermateable, interchangeable and intermountable with the Trim-Trio plugs. it is equipped with identical shells from military connectors complying to MIL-C-26482 spec. Strong and rugged built to resist every environmental and mechanical requirement for indoor and outdoor applications. In combination with the shielded backshell , it offers the perfect solution to EMC requirements.

Shell sizes: 8
Contact arrangements: 8 (4 to 48)

Features and benefits

• 工作温度: -40°C to +125°C
• 绝缘电阻: 005 0MΩ min.
• 耐用性: 500次插拔
• 振动: 10-2000Hz level of 20G’s
• 腐蚀性: Per MIL-STD202 method 101
• 盐雾: 标准镀镍48小时或者镀锌96小时
• 防护等级: 标准IP67,可升级到动态IP68
• 接触电阻: #16号< 6mΩ | #20号< 15mΩ

• Suitable for EMC requirements.
• Shielded backshell is independent of the cable diameter and its shielding.
• Available in 8 shell sizes and 8 insert arrangements.
• Available in plug and receptacle version for both male and female contacts.
• Shells and accessories are made from tin plated corrosion resistant Aluminium.
• Plastic inserts with flammability rating: UL94-V0.
• Alu. bayonet ring:
– Metal wave spring loaded.
– Locks with audible positive “click”
– Assures 500 matings and unmatings