General Details

Type YS-A is a high-conductivity aluminum tin-plated compression butt splice for use on all combinations of aluminum to aluminum, aluminum to copper, and copper to copper conductor combinations.
They are designed to accommodate conductors from #12 str. through 1,000 kcmil in standard and heavy duty applications. Prefilled with PENETROX™ oxide inhibiting compounds and assembled with color-coded end caps, the connectors provide a permanent trouble-free electrical splice with flexibility and low installed cost.

Features and Benefits

• Manufactured from high-conductivity wrought aluminum with heavy duty wall thickness
◊ Provides high-conductivity/low resistance and ductility for an excellent combination of electrical and crimp forming properties
• Electro-tin plated
◊ Provides durable long lasting corrosion resistance
• Internally beveled barrel
◊ Provides easy cable entry
• Solid center stop and prefilled with PENETROX™ oxide inhibiting compound
◊ Provides stop for proper conductor insertion and an aid in forcing the PENETROX™ between the individual wire strands
• Color-coded end caps
◊ Provides easy wire size and die code identification plus prevents foreign materials from entering and contaminating the connector prior to usage
• Connector is clearly marked with wire size, die index and the proper number and location of crimps
◊ Provides easy identification and tooling recommendation. Proper compression forms a homogeneous mass resulting in an excellent electrical connection

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