• Range taking H-tap that allows for less inventory as one H-tap can
accommodate a multitude of wire combinations
• Accommodates a wide range of run / tap combinations
• The tap grooves act independently; the use of one run and one tap wire is
required when using this connector for making a connection
• Designs with more than one tap wire groove require installers to utilize only
the run and one tap groove; the other tap grooves can be left empty
• The “third hand” is a string provided with the H-tap connector used to wrap
the wire while being inserted into the run and tap grooves; this feature
constrains the wire while the installer applies the recommended number of
• Electro-tin plated unless otherwise specified to reduce galvanic corrosion
(bimetallic) and resist corrosive elements
• Each connector has a recommended UL Listed / CSA Certified insulating
cover available in both black and clear (see table below); clear cover allows
for easy inspection of the connection (see separate page for details on Type
CCF-FR and CFR-FR Covers)
• Connectors clearly marked with color coding to ensure proper die and
installation tooling is selected

YH4444 YH4444WCC YH4444WC 1
YH4434 YH4434WCC* YH4434WC 6
YH4429 YH4429WCC YH4429WC 5 1000-750
YH3939 YH3939WCC YH3939WC 1 750-500
YH3931 YH3931WCC YH3931WC 2 750-350
YH3434 YH3434WCC YH3434WC 1 500-250
YH3429 YH3429WCC YH3429WC 2 500-4/0
YH2929 YH2929WCC YH2929WC 1 250-2
YH292C YH292CWCC YH292CWC 3 250-2
YH298C YH298CWCC YH298CWC 3 250-2
YH2C2C YH2C2CWCC YH2C2CWC 4 2-6 Str/Sol

Features & Benefits

. Accommodates a wide range of run/tap copper cable combinations including both flexible and code combinations. All (B/B, B/I, I/B, I/I) combinations acceptable
. Each connector has many copper cable combination applications allowing maximum flexibility for the design and installation of a system
. Tap grooves function independently of each other. Use of one tap is required. Balance may be used or left empty
. Provides maximum design and installation flexibility
. Color code on the connector matches installation die
. Provides matched system for fast and easy installation
. Die index embossed on connector after completion of crimp
. Permanent inspectibility of installed connectors to insure consistently reliable and dependable connections
. Recommended flame retardant type CF-FR insulating covers meet oxygen index 28 and UL94 V-O requirements
. A complete insulated UL Listed installation is provided
. Third Hand” constrains conductors while installer completes crimp, included with each connector
. Simplifies installation, reducing installed cost