HYTAIL™ Ground Rod Taps / Direct Burial /OHSA

General Details

Type YGHR-C irreversible compression grounding connector is engineered specifically for the Telecommunications Industry for (1, 2 or 3) #2 solid, tinned or bare conductor taps. UL467 Listed. Acceptable for direct burial in earth or concrete. BURNDY® has designed this connector to meet the stringent requirements of OSHA, the National Electric Code (NEC), UL, and the Telecommunications Industry. Performance and long life are this connector’s basic design guidelines.


Features & Benefits

• Tap side 1, 2 or 3 conductors
◊ One connector style can be used for many applications.
• Material is high conductivity wrought copper extrusion, identical material to the
◊ High-conductivity copper minimizes resistance and voltage drop. Eliminates the possibility of corrosion due to dissimilar metals.
• System engineered tooling
◊ Each tooling recommendation has been designed to provide a reliable, dependable connection.
• The die index number is embossed on connector after completion of crimp
◊ Facilitates speedy inspection of installed connectors to ensure consistently reliable and dependable connections.
• Prefilled with PENETROX™ and individually sealed in clear polyethylene sheet
◊ Ensures the electrical integrity of the finished connection by inhibiting moisture and contaminates from entering the contact area. Maintains long-term high-conductivity.
• UL 467 Listed. Acceptable for direct burial
◊ May be used in direct burial or concrete embedded grounding applications. Provides quality assurance to recognized industry NEC standards from an independent party.