HYTAP™ Ground rod to cable / Direct Burial

General Details

Type YGHP-C irreversible compression ground tap figure 6 can be used as a ground rod tap connector for both continuous run and tapping applications. An open groove allows ground rod to be connected to a continuous run or tap. The second groove is for a tap only.

Prefilled with PENETROX™ E and strip sealed.
UL467 Listed for direct burial in earth or concrete.

1/2″ – 5/8″
#2 Sol. – #6 Sol. Copper
(1) Continuous Run and
(1) Tap or up to
(2) Taps may be connected
1.90″ 0.75″ 0.94″ U997 (1) U997 (1) 997

Features & Benefits

• Tap (A) accepts a continuous run on tap conductor. Tap (B) accepts a tap conductor only
◊ One connector style can be used for many applications, reducing number of connectors
in inventory
• Material is high conductivity wrought copper extrusion, identical material to the
◊ High-conductivity copper minimizes resistance and voltage drop. Eliminates the possibility of corrosion due to dissimilar metals
• System engineered tooling
◊ The tooling recommendation has been designed to ensure a reliable, dependable connection every time• Prefilled with PENETROX™ E and individually sealed in clear polyethylene sheet
◊ Ensures the electrical integrity of the finished connection by inhibiting moisture and contaminates from entering the contact area. Maintains long-term high-conductivity
• UL467 Listed
◊ May be used in direct burial or concrete embedded grounding applications. Provides quality assurance to recognized industry NEC standards from an independent party
• “Third Hand” constrains conductors while installer completes crimp, included with each connector
◊ Simplifies installation, reducing installed cost
• The die index number is embossed on conductor after completion of crimp
◊ Facilitates speedy inspection of installed connectors to insure consistently reliable and dependable



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