HYTAP™ C-shaped Ground taps from #6 to 500kcmil / Direct Burial

General Details

Irreversible compression ground tap figure “C” connectors. Accomodates all cable combinations from #6 solid through 500 kcmil. “C”- shaped opening permits placing two continuous parallel cables into conductor groove.

UL 467 Listed. Acceptable for direct burial in earth or concrete.
Prefilled with PENETROX™ compound and strip sealed.
#UL96 Listed for Lightning Protection.

CatalogNumberCommercial CopperCable to Cable orCable to Ground RodStranded CopperCable Range Metric A B
YGHC2C2 #6 Sol. (0.162)#2 Str. (0.292)1/4″ Rod#6 Sol. (0.162)#2 Str. (0.292)10 mm²(4.12 mm)35 mm²(7.62 mm)10 mm²(4.12 mm)35 mm²(7.62 mm)1.16 0.75 C U-C U-C U-C 1
YGHC26C2 1 Str. (0.328){98500}2/0 Str. (0.419){98500}3/8″ Rod#6 Sol. (0.162){#6 Sol.}#2 Str. (0.292){#2 Str.}35 mm²(7.62 mm)70 mm²(10.9 mm)10 mm²(4.12 mm)35 mm²(7.62 mm)
YGHC26C26 1 Str. (0.328){98500}2/0 Str. (0.419){98500}3/8″ Rod1 Str. (0.328){98500}2/0 Str. (0.419){98500}35 mm²(7.62 mm)70 mm²(10.9 mm)35 mm²(7.62 mm)70 mm²(10.9 mm)
YGHC29C26 3/0 Str. (0.470){3/0 Str.}250 kcmil (0.575){250 kcmil}1/2″ or 5/8″ Rod6 Sol. (0.162){59500}2/0 Str. (0.419){98500}95 mm²(12.5 mm)120 mm²(14.4 mm)10 mm²(4.10 mm)70 mm²(10.90 mm)
YGHC29C29 3/0 Str. (0.470)250 kcmil (0.575)1/2″ or 5/8″ Rod3/0 Str. (0.470)250 kcmil (0.575)95 mm²(12.5 mm)120 mm²(14.4 mm)95 mm²(12.5 mm)120 mm²(14.4 mm)
YGHC34C26 300 kcmil (0.630){300 kcmil}500 kcmil (0.813){500 kcmil}3/4″ Rod6 Sol. (0.162){59500}2/0 Str. (0.419){98500}150 mm²(16 mm)240 mm²(20.35 mm)10 mm²(4.10 mm)70 mm²(10.90 mm)
YGHC34C29 300 kcmil (0.630)500 kcmil (0.813)3/0 Str. (0.470)250 kcmil (0.575)150 mm²(16 mm)240 mm²(20.35 mm)95 mm²(12.5 mm)120 mm²(14.4 mm)
YGHC34C34 300 kcmil (0.630)500 kcmil (0.813)300 kcmil (0.630)500 kcmil (0.813)150 mm²(16 mm)240 mm²(20.35 mm)150 mm²(16 mm)240 mm²(20.35 mm)