Bus Bar Connector

General Details

The BURNDY® YG-B series of compression bus bar connectors are ideally suited for cellular tower, bus bar and flat steel applications and is easier to use than exothermic connections. These high conductivity copper connectors allow attachment of a ground conductor to a bus bar or flat steel, with just one crimp using a BURNDY® Y750/ PAT750-style HYPRESS™ head and the U1105 die set. The exclusive design allows the user to attach tap conductor(s) to 1/4” (1/8” to 1/4” if using the YG14BTC28) thick copper bus bar or flat steel.
Most connectors are suitable for 1 or 2 conductors for power or grounding and bonding applications.
Prefilled with PENETROX™ compound with the addition of a grit material and strip sealed.

Catalog Number Figure # Steel / Bar
Thickness Tap Conductor(s) Accommodated Tooling Installation
YG14B2TC2C6C 1/4” #2 Sol. and/or Str. Copper #6 Sol. and/or Str. Copper 750 Series U1105 1
YG14B2TC2C2C 1/4” #2 AWG – #2 AWG Copper 750 Series U1105 1
YG14BTC28  1/8” – 1/4” 4/0 AWG Str. to 1/0 AWG Str. Copper 750 Series U1105 1
YG916BTC26  1/2” – 9/16” 1/0 AWG Str. to 2/0 AWG Str. Copper 750K Series only K1107 1

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