YAV | SAE-AS20659F

Green nickel plated, SAE-AS20659 / AS7928

General Details

无缝镀镍铜端子SAE-AS20659F / AS20659
type YAV is a seamless, heavy duty uninsulated compression ring tongue terminal manufactured from pure electrolytic copper tubing and is for use on copper commercial (code) cable, type AN aircraft cable and extra flexible conductors.

Wire range from AWG 12 ~ 4/0 MCM (AN12-AN4/0)

• Nickel plated for high temperature applications up to 650° F continuous service and 750° F intermittent service
• Provided with green band per AS20659 Revision F
• Manufactured from seamless pure electrolytic copper tubing to provide maximum conductivity, low resistance, and excellent ductility for crimping
• Double thick tongue provides a structurally strong terminal tongue
• Produced from tubular copper, extra copper material assures the compression terminal will operate cooler than the conductors it connects
• Internally beveled barrel for easy cable entry, especially for flexible conductors
• Inspection hole provides easy visual check for proper conductor insertion