Green nickel plated, SAE-AS20659 / AS7928

General Details


type YAV is a seamless, heavy duty uninsulated compression ring tongue terminal manufactured from pure electrolytic copper tubing and is for use on copper commercial (code) cable, type AN aircraft cable and extra flexible conductors. wire range from AWG 12 ~ 4/0 MCM (AN12-AN4/0)

• Nickel plated for high temperature applications up to 650° F continuous service and 750° F intermittent service
• Provided with green band per AS20659 Revision F
• Manufactured from seamless pure electrolytic copper tubing to provide maximum conductivity, low resistance, and excellent ductility for crimping
• Double thick tongue provides a structurally strong terminal tongue
• Produced from tubular copper, extra copper material assures the compression terminal will operate cooler than the conductors it connects
• Internally beveled barrel for easy cable entry, especially for flexible conductors
• Inspection hole provides easy visual check for proper conductor insertion

YAV10265 YAV1026545 YAV1026590 YAV10205
YAV1020545 YAV1020590 YAV10270 YAV1027045
YAV1027090 YAV10206 YAV1020645 YAV1020690
YAV10228 YAV1022845 YAV1022890 YAV10266
YAV1026645 YAV1026690 YAV8CL240 YAV8CL24045
YAV8CL24090 YAV8CL207 YAV8CL20745 YAV8CL20790
YAV8CL241 YAV8CL24145 YAV8CL24190 YAV8CL208
YAV8CL20845 YAV8CL20890 YAV8CL229 YAV8CL22945
YAV8CL22990 YAV8CL242 YAV8CL24245 YAV8CL24290
YAV6CL230 YAV6CL23045 YAV6CL23090 YAV6CL209
YAV6CL20945 YAV6CL20990 YA6CL231 YAV6CL23145
YAV6CL23190 YAV6CL210 YAV6CL21045 YAV6CL21090
YAV6CL243 YAV6CL24345 YAV6CL24390 YAV4CL244
YAV4CL24445 YAV4CL24490 YAV4CL211 YAV4CL21145
YAV4CL21190 YAV4CL232 YAV4CL23245 YAV4CL23290
YAV4CL212 YAV4CL21245 YAV4CL21290 YAV4CL245
YAV4CL24545 YAV4CL24590 YAV2CL246 YAV2CL24645
YAV2CL24690 YAV2CL213 YAV2CL21345 YAV2CL21390
YAV2CL247 YAV2CL24745 YAV2CL24790 YAV2CL214
YAV2CL21445 YAV2CL21490 YAV2CL248 YAV2CL24845
YAV2CL24890 YAV2CL233 YAV2CL23345 YAV2CL23390
YAV1CL21545 YAV1CL21590 YAV1CL249 YAV1CL24945
YAV1CL24590 YAV1CL216 YAV1CL21645 YAV1CL21690
YAV1CL250 YAV1CL25045 YAV1CL25090 YAV1CL234
YAV1CL23445 YAV1CL23490 YAV25L217 YAV25L21745
YAV25L21790 YAV25L251 YAV25L25145 YAV25L25190
YAV25L218 YAV25L21845 YAV25L21890 YAV25L252
YAV25L25245 YAV25L25290 YAV25L235 YAV25L23545
YAV25L23590 YAV26L253 YAV26L25345 YAV26L25390
YAV26L219 YAV26L21945 YAV26L21990 YAV26L220
YAV26L22045 YAV26L22090 YAV26L254 YAV26L25445
YAV26L25490 YAV26L236 YAV26L23645 YAV26L23690
YAV27L255 YAV27L25545 YAV27L25590 YAV27L221
YAV27L22145 YAV27L22190 YAV27L256 YAV27L25645
YAV27L25690 YAV27L222 YAV27L22245 YAV27L22290
YAV28L257 YAV28L25745 YAV28L25790 YAV28L223
YAV28L22345 YAV28L22390 YAV28L258 YAV28L25845
YAV28L25890 YAV28L224 YAV28L22445 YAV28L22490
YAV28L259 YAV28L25945 YAV28L25990 YAV28L260
YAV28L26045 YAV28L26090 YAV28L237 YAV28L23745