Diesless Hytool for #8-250AWG Cu, #8-4/0AWG Al

General Details


easy to adjust nest die with knurled steel knob and machine threads rugged tool design with heavy duty forged steel with reinforced back and handles bench mount adapter available.

MY293/MY293C /MY29-3CF
#8:str.-250 kcmil Copper commercial (code) cable
#30 Navy-250 Navy Copper Navy Cable
#8 str.-4/0 str. Aluminum commercial (code) cable
MY29 /MY2911 /MY29-11C
#8 str.-250 kcmil Copper commercial (code) cable
#30 Navy-250 Navy Copper Navy cable
#8 str.-4/0 str. Flexible copper mine machine cable
MY28 #8 str.-4/0 str. Copper aircraft cable
MY281  Copper navy cable N23 ~ N250
MY284 #8 str.-4/0 str. Aluminum aircraft cable
MY286 (nylon covered connector) #8 str.-2/0 str. Copper aircraft cable (flexible)

#6 str.- 19 Copper commercial (code) cable
#2/0 str.- 61 Copper commercial (code) cable

#8 str.- 250 MCM Copper commercial (code) cable
#325/24 – 125/24, 91/24 Extra flexible cable


• Save on capital investment with the type MY HYTOOL™ that accommodates a wide range of connector/conductor combinations from #8 str.-250 kcmil.
• Save time, money, and lower installed cost with the original dieless MY tool design. No separate dies required to purchase or to lose.
• Fast and easy tool setting for the connector/ conductor combination simply by aligning the white scribe on the nest die with the wire size on the gauge for proper
crimping results.
• Easy to adjust nest die with knurled steel knob and machine threads.
• Quality tool with precision machines indentor, component parts and tool body.
• Fast, medium and high volume crimping is easily accomplished by bench mounting
the type MY tool in the BMY-BCH-MT bench mount adapter. A single bolt holds the MY HYTOOL™ securely using the

.31 dia. mounting hole in the bench mount adapter.

• High quality rugged tool design manufactured from heavy duty forged steel with
strong reinforced back and handles.
• Covered handles available on the MY29-3C, MY29-11C and MY29-3CF HYTOOL™.
• Comfort grip handles for long periods of usage.
• Compression terminals and splices are UL listed and CSA certified when installed
with type MY HYTOOL™.
• 5-year limited warranty