12-Ton HYPRESS,8 AWG-750 kcmil Copper, 8 AWG-750 kcmil Aluminium

General Details

压线范围 10~400平方

The BURNDY@ Y750HSXT Series HYPRESS is a wide mouth (1.65″) hand operated hydraulic 12 ton crimping tool for use on virtually all compression applications. The C-shaped head rotates 3550 relative to the handle and is mated to a patented rapid advance pump.
The Y750HSXT provides easy tapping,splicing,and terminating of overhead lines,the full line of HYGROUND@ compression grounding connectors, NEC cable connections, and N30 – N650 Navy cable connections.

The Y750HSXT accepts all BURNDY@ “U” dies for use on conductor ranges of #14 – 750 kcmil AL/CU and #4 – 556.5 kcmil ACSR conductors.The Y750CHSXT HYPRESSM has a rubber covered head and handles for tool impact protection.

Each Y750HSXT uses standard BURNDY@ dies and off-the-shelf connectors available world-wide. Supplied with a durable high impact formed carrying case to hold the tool, and die compartment to hold “U” die sets. (Dies sold separately.) All BURNDY@ Y750HSXT series tools are provided with a 5-year limited warranty.


• Covers a wide range of applications with a lightweight, self-contained system and
provides easy tool removal from continuous conductors with its C-shaped head
• Easy tool positioning with its 3550 head rotation
• Patented rapid advance pump for faster crimps
• Exposed positive die lock buttons for easy die change out and die retention
• Handle trigger drain for convenient ram retraction
• Quality assurance is provided with an audible “Pop-Off” pressure relief valve
• Comfort grip handles help ease operator fatigue with continuous use
• Long life expectancy from the company that provided the industry with the frst self-
contained hydraulic tool in 1934
• Rubber covered head and handles on Y750CHSXT for tool impact protection
• Supplied with high impact plastic carrying case
• 5-year limited warranty