60-TON, 300-2500kcmil Copper, 250-2500 kcmil Aluminium

General Details

The Y60LW is a single acting, light weight 60 ton HYPRESSM designed to install transmission and distribution connectors and sleeves. The Y60LW accommodates the same “L” dies used in the BURNDY@ Y60BHU. The “L” dies are designed for copper and aluminum code cables, ACSR and aerial conductors. This tool is designed to be light weight and portable for easy maneuverability and will operate from any 10000 psi hydraulic source with the proper oil capacity. The Y60LW comes with stand and carrying case (for head only).


• Portable, light weight design of less than 43 lbs.
• 60 tons of crimp force at 10,000 psi operating pressure
• Large jaw opening to accommodate copper and aluminum code cables, ACSR and aerial conductor
• Single acting ram with heavy duty return spring
• Removable die cap is easily rotated allowing quick removal of splice connectors
• Upper die cap securely locks to a positive detent position for safe operation
• Last easy die changing and secure die positioning with positive die release locking pins
• Die holders accommodate BURNDY “L” dies (shell confguration)
• Strong, replaceable die retainers for ultimate life
• Easy to carry with side lift handle
• Upper die cap lanyard cable enables a free hand for positioning work piece
• Heavy duty hoisting loop
• Base stand included (and also available as an accessory)
• Protected male coupler with captive cap
• 5-year limited warranty