Splice, Polyvinylchloride Insulated 600 Volts Max., 105° C Max.

General Details

The type SP VINYLINK™ is a PVC insulated seamless butt splice. Type SP VINYLINK™ is designed to accommodate a broad range of 600 volt cables.

SP16 BS16
Y1022 MRE1022NV
MR8G98 MR15 MR8891
SP14 BS14
Y1022 MRE1022NV
MR8G98 MR15 MR8891
SP10 BS10
Non-Ratchet: Y1022
Ratchet: MRE1022NV
MR8G98 MR15 MR8891

UL Listed and CSA Certified

Features & Benefi ts

• Manufactured from seamless electrolytic
copper tubing
◊ Provides maximum conductivity
and tensile strength, in a high quality
design with NO seams to split
• Funnel entry
◊ Provides easy wire insertion
• Electro-tin plated
◊ Provides durable long lasting
resistance to corrosion
• Expanded insulation support
◊ Lower inventory requirements
• Red wire range of 22-16
◊ Lower inventory requirements
• Vinyl insulator
◊ Economical means of providing
high dielectric values and cable
insulation support