Butt Splice, Nylon Insulated 600 Volts Max., 105° C Max.

General Details

The type SN INSULINK™ is a high
quality nylon-insulated butt splice
designed to meet heavy duty application
Meets the functional requirements of
MIL-T-7928 (ASG) and conforms to the
requirements of NAS1388.

Features & Benefi ts

• Manufactured from seamless tubing
– A high quality design with no
seams to split
• Pure electrolytic copper
– Provides maximum conductivity,
low resistance and ductility for
excellent crimp forming properties
• Electro-tin plated
– Provides durable long-lasting
resistance to corrosion
• Positive center wire stops
– Provides for proper depth of wire
• Color-coded in red, blue and yellow
– Provides easy wire size
identifi cation
• Manufactured from one-piece tinplated
seamless copper tubing with
an integral barrel/insulation grip
– Provides maximum tensile
strength, plus excellent cable
support and strain relief and
eliminates failures due to vibration
• Smooth funnel entry
– Provides easy wire insertion
• Window position locator for full cycle
ratchet tool crimp
– Provides proper tool/connector
alignment for correct crimp
• Nylon insulation offers high
dielectric strength and stability in oily
environmental conditions
– Maintains a high quality connection
in demanding applications
• The nylon is locked into position
– The connector will not move