Ratchet Wire Rope Cutter, cuts mild steel and stainless steel


内置棘轮系统 专断软钢/不锈钢

  • 坚固耐用淬火钢刀片
  • 双向棘轮系统省力快速剪切
  • 弹性抉择舒适耐用防油污


The BURNDY@ RWRC516 and RWRC916 wire rope cutters are premium precision tools designed to cut fexible, multi-stranded steel and stainless steel wire rope. tightly guided high strength steel blades prevent wire entrapment between the blades. The blade geometry captures the wire to produce a clean cut while preserving the circular shape of the wire bundle. the tool employs a ratchet mechanism for precise control and signifcantly reduced handle force as compared to scissor or compound action designs. The handle grips are made of non-slip material and are designed for operator comfort.


• Prented high strength steel blades
• Quick release, bi-directional ratchet mechanism
• Rapid blade advance
• Easy cutting with minimal cable distortion
• Excellent cutting edge performance
• Provides comfortable tool operation and long life