Insulated ratchet tooling, Installs full range overhead connectors of full tension or non-tension (taps, splices,terminals) for #8 through 500 kcmil

General Details

• 内置全行程棘轮系统,带有棘轮撤回控制杆
• 一片式高级别聚合物基复合材料握把 100KV/5分钟-30CM
• 采用抗氧化锻钢钳头和不锈钢插销,轻便坚固耐用
• 可视磨损标识实时掌握压接钳状况;终身无须调节

The MD7-34R POSI-PRESS HYTOOL has a full stroke ratchet that assures the user has cycled the tool completely for a consistent crimp every time. The tool handles are manufactured from a new reinforced composite polymer that requires no adjustment for the life of the tool. This new tool design assures users that all connections installed with the MD7-34R are consistent and reliable over the life of the tool. A visual wear indicator provides easy verifcation of the tool’s condition. An emergency ratchet release allows tool removal in case of mistaken die choice or to reposition tool. The MD7-34R crimps color coded lugs and splices for #8-500 kcmil class B code conductor and #8-350 kcmil Cu Flex conductor. It will also crimp thin wall C-Taps from #12 – 3/0 AWG class B code conductor. The color coded W-VT dies snap into the jaw grooves easily with only one hand and lock securely into the tool with the spring loaded, positive lock, die retainer buttons. The die index number is engraved in the crimping groove to emboss the fnished connection. This makes inspection and verifcation of proper installation an easy process. Due to the one piece handle design, if the tool ever wears beyond it’s useful life, it can be returned to the BURNDY@ Tool Repair Center for reftting at a fraction of the price of a new tool.

A rubber covered version,the MD734RC,is available.


• Full Stroke Ratchet Mechanism
• Ergonomically designed, one piece,composite polymer handles
• Comfort grip handles
• Time-proven forged steel jaw designs
• No tool adjustment required
• Positive lock, spring loaded die retainer buttons
• PTFE impregnated steel/bronze bushings and stainless steel pins
• Color Coded Dies
• Die index embossed on fnished connection
• Handle of reinforced composite polymer
• Easier tool operation due to unique handle design, and anti-slip grips
• Grips and handle knobs improve operation by preventing slipping