For any metal structure requiring grounding

General Details

The BURNDY® GROUNDTAB offers a convenient attachment point for terminations of ground wires to steel structures or steel supports. The tabs are easily welded to steel, with two mounting pattern options available. The tabs are made of steel, 1/4” thick, and can be used to attach 1-hole or 2-hole terminals. Compression terminals, mechanical terminals, or SERVIT® Posts can be used to attach ground wires to steel tabs. All connection options and necessary hardware are sold separately.
Often used when traditional connection methods are not practical, or when temporary grounds are required. Common applications include large generators, mobile construction site modules, housing structures built in permafrost areas, and in any metal structure requiring a permanent or temporary ground option.

Features & Benefits
• Convenient
• Can be used to attach 1-hole or 2-hole terminals
• 1/4” thick steel
• Easily welds to steel
• Many connection options
• Used when traditional options are not practical