1/2HP, Air control hydraulic pump of 10000PSI, 8800PSI, 6000PSI

General Details

The EPAC10, EPAC8, and EPAC6 electrically driven hydraulic pumps feature exclusive automatic or manual “Jog and Hold” operation control provided by a unique air control switch, which provides the safest operation method of any pump available. All EPAC’s are remotely controlled by an improved air control switch which electrically isolates the operator from the unit, and can be operated by either hand or foot activation. A three (3) position toggle switch mounted on the control box allows the operator to select either full automatic, off, or manual operation.
The automatic mode advances the remote tool into a “hold” position without crimping the connector so the operator can inspect the orientation before completing the crimp. Once the crimp is completed, the pump automatically turns the pump off, allowing the retraction of the remote tool and resets itself for the next operation.
The manual position allows the operator to jog the tool forward without the tool ram retracting. To retract the tool prior to completing the crimp, turn the control switch to “off,” the pump will stop and the tool will retract. In the manual mode the pump advances only while the control is being depressed. To complete a crimp, squeeze and hold the air control switch until the pump reaches the pre-set pressure and shuts off.

The EPAC Series of electrically driven hydraulic pumps incorporate a heavy-duty roll cage design that is both rugged and portable. All EPAC Series pumps have been life cycle tested to over 100000 cycles without failure, and are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for 5 years when properly maintained and operated.

EPAC10: 10000PSI

EPAC8: 8800PSI

EPAC6: 6000PSI



• Roll cage
• 3 position switch and control box
• Factory set output pressure
• Quick disconnect hydraulic coupler
• Oil level window
• 8 quart reservoir
• Permits inal inspection of connector before completing crimp cycle
• Extra supply hydraulic luid 8-quart reservoir
• Full automatic or manual “Jog and Hold” cycles
• Operator safety with power loss “smart
• circuit” freezes unit in event of power disruption
• Method of operation desired is permitted with 3-position selection switch
• Safety is provided against hazardous shock with airbulb actuator and air line
• Saves time with quick disconnect hydraulic itting
• Windows allows easy inspection of proper oil level
• High quality crimps are achieved with built-in factory set pressure release valve
• 5-year limited warranty