1/2HP Dual voltage/herz, 10000PSI, 8800PSI, 6000PSI

General Details

Electrically driven hydraulic pumps are supplied with a durable, hand-held electric pendent switch that remotely controls the pump and matches the output requirements of all HYPRESS remote heads and cutters. Each pump is equipped with a built-in, factory set, pressure relief valve. An audible “pop” and recycling of the pump and relaxing of the hose, signals completion of the crimping cutting cycle.
All EP series pumps are supplied with 115/230 – 220/230 voltage, 60/50 hertz, 1/2 horse power motor and can be wired for use with any electric power source worldwide.


all pumps have been life cycle tested to over 100000 cycles without failure, and are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for 5-years when properly maintained and operated.

EP10-2: 10000PSI, 1/2 HP 220/230V 50/60HZ

EP8-2: 8800PSI, 1/2 HP 220/230V 50/60HZ

EP6-2: 6000PSI, 1/2 HP 220/230V 50/60HZ



• 1/2 HP motor
• Dual voltage/hertz
• Roll cage
• Quick disconnect hydraulic coupler
• Oil level window
• 8 quart reservoir
• Factory set output pressure
• Provides fast sure pump action plus a long life expectancy
• It’s portable. Roll cage allows easy moving on the job site
• Durable 1/2 HP dual voltage motor
• Extra supply of hydraulic fuid with 8 quart reservoir
• Saves time with quick-disconnect hydraulic ftting
• Easy operator control is provided with remote pendent switch
• Easy inspection of proper oil level is provided by see through window
• High quality crimps are achieved with built-in, factory set, pressure release valve
and audible recycling of pump which signals completion of crimp
• 5-year limited warranty