Ratchet Tool for installing #22 - #10 AWG Insulated and Uninsulated Ferrules

General Details

The YF22-10FL ergonomic full cycle ratchet tool provides a complete positive crimp each time. The ergonomic comfort grip handles reduce operator fatigue during continuous use. Once started, the ratchet mechanism does not allow the handles to be opened until the full ratcheting cycle is completed, unless the operator actuates the emergency release lever. This provides for a complete crimp before a ferrule can be removed from the tool. Range-taking to accommodate ferrules from #22- #10 AWG. Each tool comes complete with a 5-year limited warranty.


• Ergonomic hand tool for crimping insulated and uninsulated ferrules
• Overmolded comfort grip handles reduce fatigue during continuous use
• Full cycle ratchet mechanism to assure properly crimped connections
• Dieless crimping eliminates the need for multiple die grooves or stocking of extra die sets
• Front load crimping position is ideal for use in tight spaces, such as panels and enclosures
• Ratchet mechanism ensures a full crimp cycle
• Ratchet release lever can be actuated in the event of a misalignment
• 5-year limited warranty