60-TON, 300-2500kcmil Copper, 250-2500 kcmil Aluminium

General Details

The Y60BHU HYPRESS, single acting is designed to provide fast, easy operation plus a durable and substantially longer design life expectancy. Y60BHU HYPRESS tool accommodates “L” dies. The “L” dies are designed for copper and aluminum code cables and aerial conductor sizes through 2500 kcmil and will accommodate ACSR through 2156 (84/19) str.5-with heavy duty handle.


• Easy to carry with heavy duty handle
• Easy to remove splices with nest that pivots open
• Safety and security is provided with captive locking pin for nest die
• Long life expectancy (50,000 cycles) with heavy duty steel frame
• Last easy die changing and secure die positioning with positive die release locking
• Protected male coupler with captive cap
• Stability is provided with sturdy steel base
• Easy, less costly repairs with fewer parts that are easily accessible (example: Bottom
die holder)
• 5-year limited warranty