11-Ton dieless HYPRESS,6AWG-750kcmil Copper or 6AWG-500kcmil Aluminium

General Details

The Y46OEM11T has been designed specifically for OEM applications by combining our robust Y46 HYPRESS™ tool and our “1” Crimp technology with a dedicated P644 die set. The “1” Crimp technology of the range taking nest and indentor style P644 die set provides labor savings as well as inventory reductions of connectors. Only one crimp is required for each wire termination for both long and standard barrel BURNDY® HYLUG™ and HYLINK™ connectors**. The Y46OEM11T has been engineered to be user friendly by
mounting it on a base plate at an angle to ensure ease of getting connectors in and out of the tool as well as giving the user the best view of the crimping process.

The Y46OEM11T is designed to operate at 11 tons of crimp force. Hydraulic pump must be set to 7,300 PSI to ensure correct operating force of 11 tons for this tool. This tool provides range taking capabilities as shown in the chart below. The following size HYDENT™ lugs and splices will produce a UL Listed connection when using this BURNDY® Engineered System.

Features and Benefits

• Provides same crimp profile as Y644.
◊ Provides a UL Listed connection when used with BURNDY® HYDENT™
• “1” Crimp technology
◊ Faster installations due to less crimps required
• Safety, strength and high quality
◊ Tool is made from strong forged steel and precision machined components
• Die set designed as part of a system
◊ The Burndy Engineered System allows for visual inspect ability with each crimp Look for the BURNDY® logo
• P644 die set is affixed to tool
◊ No need to change dies as this range taking nest and indentor die covers #6 AWG through 750 kcmil