15-Ton HYPRESS,8 AWG-1500 kcmil Copper, 8 AWG-1250 kcmil Aluminium

General Details

The Y46 standard tool and Y46C rubber covered tools are lightweight, compact and versatile with installation dies for both circumferential and nest- indentor types. Accessories include “U”-die adapter, a cable cutting die for 1.2″ diameter non-steel conductors, plus a lifting eye and universal hot-stick adapter for overhead line construction. 5-year limited warranty.


• Compact “C” shaped head allows easy placement and removal from continuous conductor lengths
• Versatile and economical HYPRESSM tools work on all commonly used copper and aluminum products
• Dies and adapters lock into or remove from tool head easily with the positive push
button die locks
• Safety, strength and high quality is provided with strong forged steel and precision
machined components
• Excellent for HYGROUND@ compression grounding applications through 1″ ground rods and up to 500 kcmil taps, terminals and splices
• Compression terminal, splice and tap connectors are UL Listed and CSA Certifed
when installed with the Y46 and Y46C HYPRESSM and recommended die set
• Y46C has a permanently molded head of 3/16″ rubber and includes a separate molded rubber boot to cover the lower HYPRESSM body and hydraulic coupler for impact protection
• 5-year limited warranty