12-Ton HYPRESS,6 AWG-750 kcmil Copper, 8 AWG-750 kcmil Aluminium

General Details

The versatile, lightweight Y39 weighs 13 lbs. and its small 3-1/8″ wide head rotates 180 for convenience and fexibility. The tool provides 12 tons of crimping power, while its built-in overload valve automatically releases pressure when the crimp is completed.
The Y39 is designed for easy die insertion and removal without ball checks or set screws. Its rapid ram advance and trigger-controlled release eliminate unnecessary pumping after every crimp. 5-year limited warranty.


• Easy to work in small tight spaces with only a 3-1/8″ wide compression head and short handle throw
• Easy to position tool for work with 1800 head rotation
• Versatile and economical tool works on all commonly used copper and aluminum conductors from #6 str. to 750 kcmil
• Body and handles covered with 3/16″ rubber
• Easy to locate and hold dies in position with the positive push button die locks plus die changing is accomplished easily without ball checks or set screws
• Easy to remove or lock into position die holder with recessed spring latch plus leather strap to prevent loss
• Quality assurance is provided with automatic 10,000 psi “blow off” pressure release valve for positive crimping
• Rapid ram advance elmininates requirement for pumping handles to advance ram to connector
• Trigger release allows ram to return to preset position
• Long continuous usage is aided with
• Comfort grip handles
• Compression terminal, tap and splice connectors are UL Listed and CSA Certifed
when installed with the Y39 tool and recommended die set
• 5-year limited warranty