9-Ton Compact HYPRESS,4 AWG-500 kcmil Copper

General Details

9 ton remote power operated hydraulic tool. The Y34BH HYPRESSM tool is designed for remote hydraulic power operation. Its new 10000 PSI operating pressure makes it easily adaptable to most remote power systems. Its small C-shaped head is light-weight, compact and with a relatively large jaw opening ideally suited for NETWORK UNDERGROUND systems.

The tool comes standard with permanent molded head with 3/16″ rubber and includes a separate molded rubber boot that covers the lower body and hydraulic coupler for tool impact protection. Together, with other BURNDY@ hydraulic accessories, the Y34BH HYPRESSM tool may be used on lines. The Y34BH-1 has a ten foot non-conductive 10000 PSI hose attached at the factory.

Copper Conductor Installation Die
Nest Indenter
B4CD Y34PR #4 Str.
B2CD Y34PR #2 Str.
B1CD Y34PR #1 Str.
B25D Y34PR 1/0 Str.
B26D Y34PR 2/0 Str.
B27D Y34PR 3/0 Str.
B28D Y34PR 4/0 Str.
B29D Y34PR 250 kcmil
B30D Y34PR 300 kcmil
B31D Y34PR 350 kcmil
No Die Req’d Y34PR 500 kcmil

Aluminum Conductor Installation Die
Nest Indenter
B4CD Y34PA #6 Str.
B1CD Y34PA #4 Str.
B25D Y34PA #2 Str.
B26D Y34PR5 #1 Str.
B27D Y34PR5 1/0 Str.
B29D Y34PR5 2/0 Str.
B30D Y34PR5 3/0 Str.
B31D Y34PR5 4/0 Str.
B32D Y34PR5 250 kcmil
No Die Req’d Y34PR11 300 kcmil


• Allows for easy placement and removal from continuous conductor lengths
• Long life
• Last ram retraction
• Molded rubber covering on head, body, and hose fttings
• Standard operating pressure
• Ease in handling
• Greater reliability
• Reduced tool life cycle cost
• 5-year limited warranty
• Head and body rubberized
• Accommodates “B” dies