Rotating die ratchet tool for #12 - #2 Copper Terminals and Splices, UL/CSA

General Details

Type Y122CMR mechanical full cycle ratchet HYTOOL will accommodate copper compression HYDENT connectors for #12 through #2 code conductor, #12 through #2 Class I fexible strand copper conductor, and #2 solid. The die index is embossed on the crimped connector for permanent inspectability.

The dies are color coded and stamped with the conductor size to provide an easy match of the die and proper BURNDY terminal or splice. A ratchet mechanism assures the tool must complete a full cycle before releasing.

The Y122CMR ergonomic full cycle ratchet tools provide a complete positive crimp each time. The ergonomic comfort grip handles reduce operator fatigue during continuous use. Each tool comes complete with a 5-year limited warranty.


• Ergonomic hand tools for crimping insulated and uninsulated terminals and splices
• Overmolded comfort grip handles reduce fatigue during continuous use
• Easy groove identifcation with color coded dies
• Full cycle ratchet tool to assure properly crimped connections
• Emergency release mechanism allows tool to open in case of misalignment or mistaken die choice
• UL Listed/CSA Certifed connections when used with recommended BURNDY @
terminals and splices
• 5-year limited warranty