Lowest cost, crimping and cutting in one tool -#22-10 AWG Nylon Insulated & Uninsulated terminals

  1. General Details

    Hand-held plier type tool that will install #10 – 22 AWG nylon insulated and uninsulated terminals and splices, with a precision machined wire cutter for aluminum and copper wire in the nose of the tool. Long handles provide greater mechanical advantage. 5-year limited warranty.

  2. Features
    • Easy wire cutting with precision machined cutting blade
    • Save time, money and lower installed costs with one tool for both nylon insulated and uninsulated (bare) connectors
    • Easy tool operation out of the carton. No need to break in the tool prior to actual
    • A heavy duty forged steel tool, that has a rust resistant fnish will provide a long
    durable life
    • Easier crimping on #22-10 bare and nylon insulated connectors because of the longer handles that provides greater mechanical advantage*
    • Comfort grip handles ft hands comfortably
    helping make the tool easy to use
    • Terminals and splice connectors are UL Listed and CSA Certifed when installed with the Y10D HYTOOLM
    • 5-year limited warranty
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