Snap-together blocks, dual-rated, AL9CU, 600V

General Details

VERSIPOLE 黑色接线盒600V / UL / AL9CU与米色接线盒相比,该款黑色接线盒也符合UL1953,使用AL9CU材料,电压级别是600V,它也由标准模块和叠加模块两大类组成,标准模块为开放式,可以选购防护上盖起到保护作用,在尺寸上也分为大中小三个标准尺寸,小型最大电流175A,中型380A,大型可到840A;电路结构上,主线最多二线,支线最多十二线。美国制造,符合UL认证。
These Power Distribution Blocks are Listed to the Power Distribution Block Standard UL 1953. They contain the same features and characteristics as the non-Listed blocks however, these have spacings that are suitable for installations in most industrial control panel feeder and branch circuits, HVAC systems, and Wireways (with optional cover; sold separately). They are available in one, two, or three pole configurations. An “Adder” is also available with optional End Barrier (sold separately), to allow user customized configurations.

BDCSHC142/01 BDASHC142/01 BDCSHC112/01
BDBMHC162/01 BDBMHC162/02 BDBMHC162/03
BDAMHC162/0 BDBMHC112/01 BDBMHC112/02
BDBMHC112/03 BDAMHC112/0 BDBMHC113501
BDBMHC113502 BDBMHC113503 BDAMHC11350
BDBMHC262/01 BDBMHC262/02 BDBMHC262/03
BDAMHC262/0 BDBMHC222/01 BDBMHC222/02
BDBMHC222/03 BDAMHC222/0 BDBMHC145001
BDBMHC145002 BDBMHC145003 BDAMHC14500
BDBMHC1625001 BDBMHC1625002 BDBMHC1625003
BDAMHC162500 BDBLHC1123501 BDBLHC1123502
BDBLHC1123503 BDALHC112350 BDBLHC163501
BDBLHC163502 BDBLHC163503 BDALHC16350
BDBLHC115001 BDBLHC115002 BDBLHC115003
BDALHC11500 BDBLHC165001 BDBLHC165002
BDBLHC165003 BDALHC16500 BDBLHC2125001
BDBLHC2125002 BDBLHC2125003 BDALHC212500
BDBLHC263501 BDBLHC263502 BDBLHC263503
BDALHC26350 BDBLHC223501 BDBLHC223502
BDBLHC223503 BDALHC22350 BDBLHC225001
BDBLHC225002 BDBLHC225003 BDALHC22500
BDBLHC265001 BDBLHC265002 BDBLHC265003
BDALHC26500 BDBLHC245001 BDBLHC245002
BDBLHC245003 BDALHC24500 BDBLHC226001
BDBLHC226002 BDBLHC226003 BDALHC22600

Features & Benefits

• Single or dual run connections allow the user to minimize the number of connections required
• Suitable for use with aluminum or copper conductors providing maximum versatility
• Available in 3 sizes for optimization of space
• 600V, ALCU Rated; meets or exceeds industry standard requirements
• Range taking designs to accommodate wire sizes up to 600 kcmil
• High Short-Circuit Rating up to 100kA with proper fusing
• Meets spacing requirements of Industrial Control Panel Standard UL 508A (spacing of 1” through air and 2” over surface)
• Adders and End Barriers available separately for all 3 sizes providing capability to create as many poles as required
• Hinged Covers available separately to cover 3 sizes providing user protection and easy access to connector terminal block